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The idea for a tourist and community information website for the Wollondilly region was first suggested to me by an encounter early in 1999 with some people involved in the local tourism industry.Their interest was a result of the success of the Southern Highlands tourist & community information website, the next region to the south-west of Wollondilly in NSW.This latter website began some 17 years ago, and is now one of the largest and most comprehensive resources of its kind on the internet for regional Australia.


It has been singularly successful in promoting tourism to that region, helping to inject millions of dollars into the local economy.The Wollondilly Region website itself has over the years grown and has so far served up over 1,600,000 page impressions of information about this interesting part of Australia to visitor..The most comprehensive website about this region on the internet, it has made a significant contribution to local Tourism and businesses.We hope you will enjoy exploring more of the Wollondiily on the site. More information is added regularly so do come back and visit us again..

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Wollondily Region

The Wollondilly Region lies to the southwest of the Sydney metropolitan area in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range. On the borders of the lands of the traditional Dharawal, Gundagarra, and Dahrug aboriginal tribal groups, it was once on the very fringe of European settlement at Sydney. Today it is on the edge of the growing metropolitan area, and the quiet life of its towns and villages is changing as many become dormitory suburbs for city workers.Luckily, however, vast areas of the region’s rugged landscape are inaccessible – much of it being national parkland or water catchment reserves.

This means that the timeless beauty of the Australian bush, so close to Sydney, is preserved and offers a welcome escape from the hectic life of the city.Appin, at one end of the Wollondilly, was one of the first rural settlements in NSW (1811) and contains a number of historic buildings.Picton, centre of the region and home to the Wollondilly Shire Council, is its main town and a welcome retreat just an hour from the city. From here the shire extends north towards the Blue Mountains, east to the Illawarra, and south to the Wingecarribee (Southern Highlands).

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